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  • MOVIE page: Freier Fall (2013)
  • Rate: 6.9/10 total 205 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Filming Location: Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Director: Stephan Lacant
  • Stars: Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt, Attila Borlan | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Dürbeck & Dohmen   
  • Plot Keyword: Male Nudity | Jogging | Gay Interest | Male Frontal Nudity | Bisexual
Writing Credits By:
  • Stephan Lacant (screenplay) and
  • Karsten Dahlem (screenplay)

FREIER FALL | Trailer german deutsch [HD] 22.05.2013 - KINO - 5 Jahre Leben, Freier Fall, Die Ostsee von oben Freier Fall - Max Riemelt, Hanno Koffler und Stephan Lacant im Interview Streaming Freier Fall 2013 Free Online Freier Fall _ TRAILER  DEUTSCH  GERMAN 

Plot: A promising career with the police, a baby on the way -- Marc's life seems to be right on track. Then... See more » |  »

Story: A promising career with the police, a baby on the way -- Marc's life seems to be right on track. Then he meets fellow policeman Kay and during their regular jogs Marc experiences a never-before-felt sense of ease and effortlessness -- and what it means to fall in love with another man. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc sees his world careening more and more out of control. Suddenly, his life is in free fall and Marc realizes that try as he may, he can't make everyone happy. Least of all, himself. Written byEdition Salzgeber

Produced By:

  • Stefanie Groß known as commissioning editor: SWR
  • Christoph Holthof known as producer
  • Anne-Sophie Meusburger known as assistant producer
  • Daniel Reich known as producer

FullCast & Crew:
  • Hanno Koffler known as Marc Borgmann
  • Max Riemelt known as Kay Engel
  • Attila Borlan known as Werner Brandt
  • Katharina Schüttler known as Bettina Bischoff
  • Stephanie Schönfeld known as Claudia Richter
  • Oliver Bröcker known as Frank Richter
  • Luis Lamprecht known as Wolfgang Borgmann
  • Maren Kroymann known as Inge Borgmann
  • Shenja Lacher known as Gregor Limpinski
  • Britta Hammelstein known as Britt Rebmann
  • Horst Krebs known as Bernd Eiden
  • Barbara Bernt known as Ärztin
  • Samuel Schnepf known as Benno Bischoff
  • Vilmar Bieri known as Lothar Bischoff
  • Jonathan Müller known as Mann im Club

Production Companies:

  • Kurhaus Production
  • Südwestrundfunk (SWR) (co-production)

Freier Fall (2013) Review by JvH48 from Amersfoort, The Netherlands
I saw this film as part of the Berlinale 2013 film festival, in thesection named Perspektive Deutsches Kino (Perspectives of German film).The venue with 525 seats was fully booked. It was the 2nd screeningafter a world premiere the day before.

The starting situation is interesting and offers many opportunities forunexpected developments. The story line proved very different from thea-priori assumed (by me), more traditional (but boring) process flow,normally is that a path along troubled emotions, via a short tumultuousperiod leading a double life, and finally a happy end, declared "cured"of the temporary aberration. What this film shows is more complex,hence more interesting, and we were lucky to see the underlying ideasbeing executed so well.

Incomplete list of ingredients: Marc and Bettina expect their firstbaby and move to a place provided by her parents where there is moreroom; Marc meets a fellow police office Kay on a training course anddiscovers gay sex for the first time; Kay lets himself transfer to thesame team where Marc works, and they secretly have sex together whiledisguising their meetings as outdoor training for a physical exam;Marc's wife Bettina asks him whether there is another woman involved,and without a blink Marc replies it is not the case; Kay is picked upin a gay bar by the police, exposing his secret to his fellowpolicemen; Kay is assaulted by one of his colleagues, but the teamleader covers the offender; Marc becomes more and more absent (in theflesh, and in his mind) in the weeks just before the baby is born; andso on. There are many more such ingredients, of which the obviousanti-gay attitude within the police force is an important onethroughout.

Things get really out of control when Kay openly admits that he is inlove with Marc, which he does on two occasions: once among fellowpolice officers, and a second time against Marc's parents. Heimplicitly plants the suggestion that Marc is also gay, trying to forcea decision where Marc himself is not so certain about. Marc's parentsreact as could be expected: "We have not raised you like this."Overall, the situation becomes more and more tense, only waiting for amoment that the complicated truth surfaces and gets exposed to theworld. Not only the parents but especially the police force showsapparent coping problems with having gay (or assumed gay) people verynear them. Still, the situation is not without hope, because a secondassault on a suspected gay colleague by the same offender as theprevious time, is not covered anymore by the team leader.

Throughout the story we observe Marc and his wife Bettina in alldifferent stages of their relationship in trouble. Bettina discoversfirst that Marc's absence in the weeks before the baby was born, wasnot due to extra night shifts as he had held out. Some time later shegradually gets to know new facts about Marc and Kay, particularly thatthere is much more to it than only training together. At first Marcdenies everything, but he ultimately cannot maintain his generaldenial, and admits they had sex together. We are bystanders of theusual process: Bettina packs her things and moves to her parents, Marcbreaks up with Kay, Marc makes several attempts to contact Bettina andexplain, and so on. Bettina's most important complaint, however, is notthe bare fact that he had sex with Kay, but his continuous lying andbetrayal. It offers an opening for a happy end, in spite of whathappened before. For spoiler's sake I cannot tell more.

During the final Q&A we heard a notable remark: "The human interactionsin the story are more important than the actual sex, though sex couldnot be left out. In fact, it is a love story". The latter may be true,but it is not of the feel-good category, and hence does not leave uswith the expectation of a standard happy end. Also in the Q&A we heardthat the police did not participate in this film at all, and thateverything we saw happening on police's premises, was in fact shotwithin an especially built scenery (read between the lines: the policeforce still is not done with these issues).

All in all, the story is very well told with impeccable casting andacting. In spite of an overload of stereotypes and cliché's, the filmseems acceptable for gay and straight viewers alike. It may very wellserve to show the thin lines between homo and hetero, being two ways oflife not so clear cut as most "normal" persons assume. I think the filmcould use an extra dose of humor, offering relief from some tensescenes that leave us behind with negative emotions. Besides that, Ifear that the implicit message gets stuck in everyone's head thatcoming-out for one's sexual preferences is dangerous and challenging,has no useful purpose, and creates turmoil that is not easily repaired.I cannot imagine that to be a desired side effect as intended by thefilm makers.

Freier Fall (2013) Review by TravelerThruKalpas from New York
Although one is initially alerted to the possible use of the policeacademy setting to metaphorically delineate some of the dynamicspresent in a society's norms as part of its imposed conditioning (thetraining academy especially implying a sense of regimentation), thisvery well-made film actually registers most of its concerns in alow-key manner, allowing some indirection to come through theproceedings by giving enough space for subtler impressions and meaning.

Apparently, many viewers want to characterize the film's subject interms of a conflicted choice between heterosexuality and homosexuality,which makes about as much sense as merely portraying its content as thetreatment of a love triangle; it reveals a rather limited level ofengagement and even suggests that such issues are far from politicallyresolved in their minds. But while the storyline could be read on thesurface for perplexing issues around self-identity, sexual orotherwise, it is ultimately about someone who gradually allows himselfthe freedom to experience not only different ways of loving others, butalso the vital ways in which life actually unfolds in a broader sense,beyond the difficulties of imposed human limitations.

The courage of Lacant's film lies in its delineation of what life islike when one truly begins to negotiate one's freedom by opening upfully to the presence of ambiguity and not knowing - entering into the"free fall" of the title - and going beyond limited distinctions, tofind and live out what is actually true from moment to moment. A Taoistexpression comes to mind as one follows Marc's trajectory into his ownrealm of truth: the more free you are, the more unpredictable youbecome.

Which asks us all: can you live out your truth in this mostuncompromising way? Or, can you live with someone who is? What doesfreedom look like in a world full of all the shoulds and musts which weand others continually wish to impose upon ourselves? Marc begins toshow us as he learns to submit to his own free-fall - which is no lessthan remaining open and vulnerable to whatever is transpiring.

The performances are excellent throughout, although working from acarefully written script which tends to deliberately tailor the depthof all the other characters beside Marc. Thus, while in the end Kaishows up as little more than a catalyst for Marc's awakening andperhaps generating our wish for a bit more character development, it isreally Marc's story after all, and we are meant to inhabit the film'sshades of meaning by traveling through his experiences from his vantagepoint.

It could be said that in a society no longer concerned with an immaturesense of morality or inadequate ethics, Marc would both be able to beara child with a woman as well as express the love he might feel foranother man, if he is so inclined. But Marc, like the rest of us, isborn in time, and therefore occupies a certain karmic status, positedby the complexity of circumstances… and the way to the truth is largelythrough one's karma.

Although we humans are still somewhat tribal and limited beings, whosesense of freedom is defined and grounded in our very limitations, thefilm nonetheless demonstrates in its closing statement that we can onlylive meaningfully by choosing from our own freedom - and thusencountering the possibility of a real and lived life, beyond allexpectations - if we assume the courage to do so… a courage exemplifiedby director Lacant in this direct and honest film.

Freier Fall (2013) Review by Quadruplex from Germany

One of my friends called it 'Brokeback Mountain in Swabian' - that'sthe dialect of the German area where the story takes place (and wasshot). Unfortunately, "Freier Fall" seems to last twice as longalthough it is actually shorter (134 vs. 100 minutes).

What sounds like the impossible has an easy explanation: poor story,poor directing.

In 'Brokeback Mountain', the protagonists are more than discreet abouttheir relationship. They had a plausible reason to be: The story takesplace in the 1960s. "Freier Fall", however, is set in the present time.Although the rural parts of this German area are a bit conservative andpietistic: In the year 2013 the people there, too, have heard abouthomosexuals and same-sex marriages, must have seen TV shows about gaycharacters and heard about the openly gay mayors of the cities ofHamburg and Berlin or the gay German Secretary of State. With maincharacter 'Borgmann' being a cop, it would be also more than likelythat he had been on duty during (probably more than one) gay prideweekend in the nearby state capital Stuttgart and - lo and behold -witness some of his openly gay colleagues on one of the parade'sbandwagons.

So why the heck is being gay for this fairly young guy such an issue?Why does he have a girlfriend and got her pregnant? And why does heneglect being gay throughout the entire movie? We see him doing allthis, but his motives remain in the dark. Is he bisexual and nevermentioned that to his girl? Was it all just a terrible mistake?Pressure from his family? We Streaming Borgmann for 100 minutes - and theonly hint the writers give us is that he and his girl are moving inwith his parents.

The observer get's more and more annoyed with Borgmann. It is more thanobvious the he lives a lie, that he's dishonest to his girlfriend anddisloyal to his lover. But we just see him doing so and get no reasonwhy. That's certainly not enough of a story line for 100 minutes.

But this movie not only lacks a profound story - the directing sucks,too. "Freier Fall" is a pointless montage of solitary clips withrecurring protagonists. One episode follows the other but often enough,the audience wonders how the characters got in the scene.

Yes, there will be people who call all this "mysterious". "subtle","close to life" - to me, it's boring and pointless. Main actors Kofflerand Riemelt do what they can - but they can't save this flick.

The only entertaining moment in this bomb was probably a Freudian slipor another sloppiness of the writers: When Borgmann's wife startssuspecting about his relationship with his colleague Engel, he tellsher "Der geht mir auf den Sack." That's a German expression for "Hegets on my nerves." Literally translated, however, it means: "He getson my balls." A few scenes before, we saw Engel shoving his hand downBorgman's pants and doing exactly this...

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